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Great leaders know that learning never stops. Whether you’re just stepping into leadership or you already have a team looking to you for direction, NextUp has the training you need to stay on the top of your game. Keep yourself and your team inspired by continuing to learn as you lead. 

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New Leader Development Use the ‘Ask Your Boss‘ memo to make your case for attending Launch! The Launch program is dedicated to uplifting new and…

Training Details
  • Virtual
  • 4 weeks
  • Who Should Attend?: New and emerging leaders (4 years or less) | Individual contributors (seeking promotion) | New front-line or community-facing leaders

Rising Stars

Use the ‘Ask Your Boss‘ memo to make your case for attending Rising Stars! NextUp Rising Stars is a leadership development program that empowers tomorrow’s…

Training Details
  • In-person
  • Who Should Attend?: Mid-level leaders, with or without direct reports – approximately 5 years of leadership experience.
  • Cost: Regular Rate: $3,595 | Late Rate: $3,995

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Why is leadership development important?

Leadership development is one of the many ways we work to enhance diversity in the workplace. When we encourage a more diverse group of leaders for tomorrow, not only do we increase representation in top level positions, we also create role models for the next generation and beyond. Leadership development is how we keep positive change coming for years to come. 

Why is women’s leadership Important?

At NextUp, we believe that half of the world’s population is worth hearing from. When we amplify the reach of women through our women’s leadership programs, we create a place for more voices at the table. Women have unique perspectives of the workplace, of their homes, and of the world. Without women’s leadership training, these perspectives wouldn’t go honored and served in the ways that meet their needs.

What are the goals of NextUp’s leadership development programs?

NextUp inspires to create the leaders of tomorrow by helping motivated individuals build leadership skills, expand their network, and increase their own self-awareness. By working through NextUp’s leadership development program, we can inspire future leaders with the skills and knowledge they’ll need, as NextUp dreams of a better tomorrow.

How can NextUp support your team’s leadership development?

NextUp Partners can gain access to our game-changing leadership development programs that are designed to give future leaders the skills they need to excel. Members will also receive access to diversity equity and inclusion trainings, which can help bring your team to the next level. With strong leaders that are supported with real leadership development programs, your organization can thrive into the future.

How can NextUp support your team’s women in leadership?

To keep and encourage more strong women at the helm of great organizations, NextUp has created a series of leadership trainings and programs to help teach women how to lead. We also offer content to inspire women, including our Advancing all Women podcast where we talk about the toughest subjects facing women and our allies in the workplace.

What are the benefits of attending a leadership development training?

Learning and growth are imperative if we want to create a world with more strong and diverse leadership. By attending one of our leadership development training sessions, you’ll get all the knowledge and skills needed to advance your career. In addition, we also find our leadership development training to be great opportunities to network and make connections with people who have similar goals and vision for their own careers. If you are interested in other training programs from NextUp, please check out our diversity training program, our allyship training, or career development programs

Who should attend a NextUp leadership development program?

We have programs available to help a wide variety of leaders. Whether you’re getting started in your career or you’re a c-suite executive who is ready to make an impact on your organization, NextUp offers leadership development programs to help you grow.

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