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  • Use the ‘Ask Your Boss‘ memo to make your case for attending Launch!

The Launch program is dedicated to uplifting new and emerging leaders, enhancing their abilities with confidence-boosting, skill-building, research-backed learning. Participants will establish a strong foundation, which, in turn, positively impacts their ability to lead others and contribute to organizational success.

Developed in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Launch is an accessible learning program that creates pathways to higher leadership for those kicking off their career journey.

Launch’s accessible price point and low hourly commitment (Four weeks, 3 hours/week) make it an excellent way to re-invest in new leaders without burdening their busy schedules. Plus, Launch offers mixed-company cohorts which create excellent opportunities for attendees to expand their network!

2024 Program Enhancements

Guided Session: Role of the Mentor and Mentee in Your Leadership journey.

Program Roadmap: Tailored for new leaders, this strategic guide provides a clear and actionable plan to cultivate crucial skills, including goal-setting, mentorship, and relationship building.

Core Values and Strengths Inventory: Reveals unique attributes and capabilities to strategically embrace and leverage what sets you apart as an effective leader.

Who Should Attend?

  • New and emerging leaders (4 years or less)
  • Individual contributors (seeking promotion)
  • New front-line or community-facing leaders
    (Team Leads, Supervisors, Shift Leaders, Managers)


    • Cohort 1 (Winter): February 1 – 22, 2024
      Registration: 12/14/23 – 1/25/24
    • Cohort 2 (Spring): May 2 – 23, 2024
      Registration: 3/1/24 – 4/25/24
    • Cohort 3 (Fall): September 10 – October 1, 2024
      Registration: 7/15/24 – 8/29/24


    $349 per participant


    • Four weeks, 3 hours/week
      (total commitment of 12 hours)

      • On-demand digital learning
        (with weekly virtual connects)

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    “I learned more about myself as an individual and a leader after going through this experience […] [including] how to flip my mindset and become that leader or manager that my direct reports trust and want to work for.”

    “I appreciated the depth of the program and how it delved into each ‘flip,’ citing specific things to work on and address as a new leader. It was helpful to learn that a lot of new leaders struggle with the same […] things.”

    “I had several ‘a-ha’ moments while watching the videos and reading the articles which related to my […] experience. Hearing personal stories from others made me realize I’m not alone in this journey.”


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