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NextUp Ascend is more than a workshop – it’s a unique, multi-stage approach to building better and more equitable workplaces.

NextUp Ascend

Co-create your DEI&B solution with NextUp’s team of experts tailored to your organization’s needs including a customized roadmap, facilitated workshops, e-learning sessions, and strategic planning.

Assessing Readiness

So, how do you get started? NextUp offers foundational DEI&B support for your organization. By leveraging our expertise, we guide you through the process of identifying and enhancing key skills and competencies, ensuring a solid foundation that aligns with your organizational goals.

Ascend 101: Creating Awareness

Develop a robust understanding and awareness of barriers to equity. We offer comprehensive learning experiences that deliver impactful conversations. Empower individual contributors, managers, and leaders to recognize and mitigate biases, while fostering a commitment to equity.

Ascend 201: Building Capabilities

As we engage more deeply, we will conduct assessments to identify strengths and development areas. Our 'ready now' resources are curated for swift implementation and tangible results, building on your organization's success.

Ascend 301: Igniting Action

We'll work on the systems within an organization that can impede anyone with any range of difference. We'll assess your organization's unique situation, have tough conversations, and outline the concrete changes you can implement to get to your DEI&B goals.

Start your Ascend Journey

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What is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, commonly referred to as DEI, are part of a movement to shift the way we interact with others. By enabling diversity, treating people with equity, and including more voices at the table, DEI can shift the way we do business.

Diversity – The practice of involving a range of people from a variety of different backgrounds and identities.

Equity – Fair and impartial treatment.

Inclusion – Providing equitable access to opportunities and resources for those in marginalized communities.

Why is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Important?

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are critical elements, not just for the businesses of today, but for the forward-thinking organizations of the future.

With ever-growing numbers of people in marginalized communities, the world of the future will not just look different, but also need different solutions. In most situations, only someone within the marginalized population is best suited to create meaningful solutions that both serve and honor their identity. Whether it be increased flexibility for mothers in the workplace or additional religious holiday exceptions, we need to strategically listen to more voices when making critical business decisions.

In addition, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion impact how we share our products and services with others. No longer is the buying power held by a select few. Marginalized populations are growing in buying power and need the products and services that truly meet their needs. The world of tomorrow will demand unique solutions for an ever-growing, and increasingly diverse, audience. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is how we solve tomorrow’s problems today.

What are the goals of NextUp’s DEI Training?

NextUp’s DEI training aims to empower employees and employers to transform their organizations from the inside out. By providing comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training, we can transform workplaces with fresh perspectives and new voices. This means organizations can grow and collaborate within and become inspiring places for individuals to grow.

Not only does comprehensive NextUp DEI training help organizations from within, it also positions them to better serve their audience. When organizations take the time to invest in diversity training, and harness the power of diverse perspectives, they can create more meaningful products and services that meet their audience’s evolving needs.

What are the Major Pillars of NextUp’s Diversity Training Program?

  • Research-backed insights
    NextUp takes our responsibility to educate others and perform DEI training very seriously. To create the most inclusive, cutting-edge DEI training possible, we use research backed insights.That means we synthesize the latest research, the most up-to-date data, and the most contemporary perspectives as we develop our programming. With NextUp, you can be assured that you’re getting the latest in diversity training.
  • Eliminating bias
    Another key pillar of NextUp’s Diversity Training Program is to consciously eliminate bias. NextUp actively works to uncover bias through all their work and outreach. Once uncovered, NextUp addresses bias and works to eliminate it throughout their programming. We know that continued growth requires active self-reflection on behalf of our own organization as much as the ones we serve.
  • Creating Judgment-free zones for education
    Finally, NextUp believes in creating judgment-free zones for education. That means that regardless of your exposure to DEI trainings in the past, we create a safe place to ask questions, get information, and self-reflect. True growth for anyone can’t happen in a world of shame. NextUp knows this and works to foster environments of acceptance throughout our programming.

How can NextUp support your team’s DEI initiatives?

Through NextUp’s extensive offering of programs, content, webinars, and more, you can accelerate your team into a more inclusive future. By getting to know your team, we’ll be able to meet your specific needs.

Whether this is the first time your team is working on DEI initiatives or if you’re reaching out to NextUp to take your practices of inclusivity to the next level, we have the DEI training programming for your team’s specific initiatives.

What are the benefits of diversity in the workplace?

With more diverse workplaces, we can enable conversations between those of different walks of life. We create spaces where more are welcome. One by one, diversity in the workplace enables critical conversations that can transform the way we do business.

Simply put, businesses cannot serve people when everyone is not included. Whether it is through DEI trainings, allyship workshops, or both, when our businesses truly embrace diversity in the workplace, and serve the population they represent, we can make the meaningful shifts our world needs.

Who should attend Nextup DEI training?

Anyone! If you’re a junior employee interested in preparing yourself for a future of allyship, then NextUp DEI training is for you. If you’re a manager with proven success who wants to better serve those who report to you, then NextUp’s diversity training programs are for you. Regardless of where you are in your career journey, taking a closer look at diversity in the workplace and how it impacts your daily processes, strategies, and communication will make you a better professional. 

At the organizational level, NextUp is here to support your business. Whether you’re supplementing an existing in-house diversity programming or looking for inclusive DEI training, Nextup is in your corner to offer top notch diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops, trainings, and interactive learning experiences for all of your employees.

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