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Navigating Polarizing Conversations in the Workplace

In our dynamic and diverse workplaces, the ability to engage in polarizing conversations with empathy, understanding, and emotional intelligence is critical. The NextUp Navigating Polarizing Conversations Workshop is designed to empower individuals with the tools and techniques needed to foster constructive dialogue; even in the face of divergent opinions.

Participants will:

  • Understand the definition and nature of “polarizing conversation”.
  • Delve into emotional intelligence and self-regulation techniques.
  • Learn when to take on polarizing topics based on YOUR organization’s mission and values.
  • Discover how to prepare yourself to have effective dialogue.
  • Commit to having effective conversations, regardless of topic.

2024 promises to be an interesting and dynamic year.  Don’t miss the opportunity to equip yourself and your organization with the skills needed to build and maintain and cohesive and engaging culture.

Interested in engaging NextUp to hold this workshop for your organization? Click the contact us link on the right to connect with our team of Learning and Development experts.

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