IMPACT – Bobbie O’Hare Impact Award

The Impact Award was created to honor our founder of the regions, Bobbie O’Hare. The recipient of this award demonstrates a superior level of leadership in the regions while developing a boldly inclusive community at the local level. Their accomplishments go beyond their region and positively impact NextUp’s mission.


Every Regional Leadership Team may nominate one leader who demonstrates IMPACT in all their decisions. Each individual nominee is recognized as its Region’s “Best of the Best”. One nominee from the 21 regions will be awarded the IMPACT Bobbie O’Hare Award.

2023 Winner

Jenni Skiba, Kroger Team Lead, Snacks at General Mills
Growth & Development Officer for NextUp Cincinnati

Previous Winners

2022 Recipient

Ebony Wyatt, NextUp Twin Cities

2021 Recipient

Jill McIntosh, NextUp Cincinnati

2019 Recipient

Kelly Rolader, NEW Atlanta

2018 Recipient

Kristine Pettoni, NEW Atlanta

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