Episode 62


What does it mean to be resilient – and how can you support a friend or coworker experiencing major trauma? On this week’s episode of Advancing All Women, we’re talking to three incredible women, Lindsey Roy, Senior Vice President, Strategy, Hallmark Cards; Rebecca Fogg, Author of ‘Beautiful Trauma’; and Jacque Johnson, Resilience Expert, about their individual stories of struggle, resilience, and what it takes to get through. Plus, learn how you can meaningfully support your team members who are going through hard times.

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Lindsey Roy

Senior Vice President Strategy at Hallmark Cards

Lindsey is also a voice on the speaking circuit sharing her personal story.  A tragic boating accident while on vacation almost claimed Lindsey’s life and left her with an amputated left leg, severely injured right leg and injured right arm.  Through a challenging recovery process, Lindsey learned impactful lessons on how to harness disruption and find clarity in the chaos.  She did a TED talk in 2017 titled “What Trauma Taught Me About Happiness.” Almost ten years following that disruption, Lindsey found herself taking her own lessons when she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition that destroyed her lungs. A grateful recipient of a double lung transplant, Lindsey learned even more lessons on the importance of resilience, faith and grit.

Lindsey recently authored a book entitled, The Gift of Perspective: Wisdom I Gained From Losing a Leg and Two Lungs. The book will release later this year.

Rebecca Fogg

Rebecca Fogg

Consultant and Author

Rebecca Fogg is a consultant in strategy and business development, and the author of Beautiful Trauma–a memoir of her recovery from the partial amputation of her hand in an explosion, and the science behind it, which Publishers Weekly hailed as, “[A] searing debut…Fogg’s blending of emotional and medical insights delivers an original perspective on the usual recovery arc. This enthralls.”

In over a decade with American Express, in New York then London, Fogg rose to Vice President and worked at every step of the customer lifecycle, from product and technology development, to acquisition and servicing. Inspired by her experience as a trauma patient, pivoted to healthcare in 2012, co-founding The Institute of Prehospital Care at London’s Air Ambulance, and negotiating its joint-venture with Queen Mary University of London to launch the UK’s first higher-degree program in prehospital medicine, now in its tenth successful year.

In 2014 Fogg accepted an invitation from Clayton Christensen, the late Harvard Business School professor and author of the Theory of Disruptive Innovation, to lead healthcare research at his think-tank, where she focused on innovation in whole-person care delivery models. She left in 2019 to write her book.

Fogg holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School, and a BA from Yale University. A keen patient advocate, she volunteered in the trauma-surgery wards at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, and has been a patient visitor at St. Christopher’s Hospice in London since 2017.

SM handles:

  • Twitter: @RebFogg
  • Insta: @RebeccaFoggWrites

LinkedIn:Rebecca Fogg

Jacquelyn FletcherJohnson.headshot (1)

Jacquelyn Fletcher Johnson

Founder, Heartwood Healing

Jacquelyn Fletcher Johnson is the founder of Heartwood Healing and the creator of the Heartwood Campfire Club, a community that helps people tap into the transformational power of resilience, mindfulness, and well-being techniques. She’s an award-winning author, corporate trainer, and coach who helped thousands of high-potential executives at Fortune 50 companies become holistic leaders for the modern era. She’s a content strategies and conference designer for NextUp and the co-creator and host of the Healing Words television show at Mayo Clinic. Currently, Jacquelyn serves on the Board of the Dragon Divas, a nonprofit dragon boat racing club for breast cancer survivors. HeartwoodHealing.com.

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