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NextUp offers expertise in building better, more equitable workplaces.

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Co-create your solution with NextUp’s team of experts. Get a customized roadmap, facilitated workshops, e-learning sessions, and strategic planning.

Assessing Readiness

So, how do you get started? NextUp offers foundational DEI&B support for your organization. By leveraging our expertise, we guide you through the process of identifying and enhancing key skills and competencies, ensuring a solid foundation that aligns with your organizational goals.

Ascend 101: Creating Awareness

Develop a robust understanding and awareness of barriers to equity. We offer comprehensive learning experiences that deliver impactful conversations. Empower individual contributors, managers, and leaders to recognize and mitigate biases, while fostering a commitment to equity.

Ascend 201: Building Capabilities

As we engage more deeply, we will conduct assessments to identify strengths and development areas. Our 'ready now' resources are curated for swift implementation and tangible results, building on your organization's success.

Ascend 301: Igniting Action

We'll work on the systems within an organization that can impede anyone with any range of difference. We'll assess your organization's unique situation, have tough conversations, and outline the concrete changes you can implement to get to your DEI&B goals.

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