Member Spotlight – Jessica A. Lopez, NEW South Texas

“[I value] the sense of community, and networking with female executives who have overcome unique workplace barriers.”

Name: Jessica A. Lopez, Sales Operations Lead, Myrtle Consulting Group

Member Since: 2019

How did you first hear about NEW, and what prompted you to join?

I learned about NEW through my colleague, Tiffany Umbehr, who sits on the South Texas Board. Myrtle Consulting Group had just started a “Women’s initiative” with the ultimate goal of recruiting, retaining and growing female presence in the consulting field. I had already joined Myrtle’s initiative. Joining NEW felt like the natural next step. Plus, getting to sit on the event planning committee (for Houston based events) was an another attracting factor. For many years, I silently worked through the obstacles any woman faces in a professional environment. Oftentimes, I wondered if others felt likewise. NEW was the answer to this question. NEW is my opportunity to proactively show my strong conviction for the advancement of women. It is no longer a passive experience.

How has NEW impacted your personal/professional life?

On a personal note, NEW has impacted my personal life in that it has extended my circle of friends and network, it has reassured me that I am not alone in my journey, and it has given me hope that significant progress is being made in the way of advancing women professionally. It is has given birth to a newfound personal confidence.

Tell us about a recent personal accomplishment or event in your life.

In March 2019, I closed on my first home, a process that had been 6 months in the making, as it had to be built.  Since college, I always had roommates. It is liberating to have a place all to myself.   I recently became a dog mom to a Shih Tzu named “King Arthur” (Arthur), for short. He sits alongside me all day when I am working from home.

What is your favorite NEW event you’ve attended?

To date, my favorite NEW South Texas event unequivocally was the “Empowered Leader Workshop” held at the Chevron headquarters in downtown Houston.  I may be partial because it was led by one of Myrtle’s leaders. I enjoyed the Empowerment topic. It taught me how to change my mindset from a self-defeatist one to one of self-empowerment. The speaker was engaging and the format was more of a discussion than a traditional presentation.

What other activities, aside from being an amazing member of NEW, do you enjoy in your free time?

Playing the acoustic guitar. After a brief introduction to classical guitar in middle school, I picked the instrument back up in 2016 and have been playing ever since. I intend to buy an electric Fender Stratocaster in the new future. Additionally, I enjoy being outdoors, whether taking my bicycle out on the trails or playing intramural kickball with my friends. I really enjoy the comradery that comes with being part of a team.  As of late, tending to my new puppy and having him fetch his toys has been super fun, especially during this time that I’m spending more time at home.

Lightning round questions!

Nickname your parents used to call you? To this day, my parents call me “Jess” for short.

You get one superpower, but you must choose between invisibility and flight. Which do you pick?  Flight. Pre- COVID-19, I traveled often.  Flying would afford the ability to save a lot on airline fare and could I arrive at my final destination much faster than by car.

Last Halloween costume? Carmen San Diego

Favorite word? Don’t really have a favorite word, but I find myself often saying “for sure.”  Not sure it is grammatically correct, but I say it!

What food could you eat for a week straight for every meal? Noodles of any variety-Italian, Vietnamese vermicelli, etc.

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