Ambassador Spotlight: Kallie Millar

“I love being a part of supporting the women within CROSSMARK to grow professionally using the tools available to them through NEW.”

Name: Kallie Millar

Director HQ Sales & Marketing, CROSSMARK

Ambassador Since: 2020

What interested you in becoming an ambassador for NEW? I have been a member of NEW since 2010 and wanted to be a part of growing CROSSMARK’s participation with NEW.  I got such individual value from my membership and wanted to help drive that with my associates at CROSSMARK.

What are the unique ways you bring the NEW mission to life inside your organization? I want our members of NEW to know each other and use each other as a support network. I focus on building relationships through member highlights, connecting people across internal silos, and encouraging virtual conversations during NEW events.

Does your company have any specific diversity, equity & inclusion goals? If so, how does a NEW partnership help achieve them? CROSSMARK just launched “CROSSMARK FOR CHANGE” our DEI ERG last year and we were able to utilize the DEI trainings offered by NEW with our new ERG Steering Committee and Senior Leaders.

How has being a NEW member and ambassador empowered you professionally?  I have been given tools that have grown my confidence in sharing my voice and knowing the value I bring to the table regardless of the audience.  NEW has been a pathway into more engagement with senior leadership both internally and externally.

Tell us about a recent personal accomplishment or event in your life.   I recently served as a member of the “Visioning Committee” at my local Elementary School.  I helped create the school’s first Possibilities Day where the students got to learn about many professions/careers including Marketing and CPG.  My favorite quote came from a student who said, “I thought Marketing was going to be boring but it was actually interesting!”

What is your favorite NEW event you’ve attended? My favorite NEW event was NEW Summit 2010.  It was so empowering to be in a room filled with career-minded, talented, and bold women.  It started my journey with NEW and lit my fire to not only build my career but bring other women along with me.

What other activities, aside from being an amazing ambassador, do you enjoy in your free time? I started a Black Lives Matter book club in my community, I’m learning Italian, and I love traveling to new places with my family.

Finally, any funny stories about your time with NEW? I was at an industry event and being introduced to a new point of contact during a client meeting.  She looked very familiar but we hadn’t worked together before.  Turns out that we sat next to each other during a NEW Summit Conference a few years back and had partnered together on an activity!  It’s great how NEW turns our large industry into a small world.

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