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Driving Success: HerClub’s Guide to Golf’s Impact for Women in Business

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Driving Success: HerClub’s Guide to Golf’s Impact for Women in Business

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Discover the untapped potential of golf in the business world with Stephanie D'Angelo, a dynamic entrepreneur reshaping the corporate landscape for women. Join her in breaking down barriers that hinder success—attire, stigma, cost, time, and skill—during an engaging event. As the founder of HerClub, Stephanie is revolutionizing golf as a critical professional development tool for women, empowering them to thrive both in the boardroom and on the course. Join us in this transformative session to unlock new avenues for career growth and success.

NextUp Texas is excited to collaborate with HerClub for an empowering event centered around elevating opportunities for women in the corporate world. This session focuses on amplifying communication confidence, broadening networks, and enhancing social capital for women professionals. Join us as we dive into HerClub's mission of leveraging golf as a tool for women to gain substantial professional leverage. At this event, participants will gain insights into how mastering this unique skill can significantly impact their careers. We'll tackle and break down barriers and assumptions hindering success in both golf and the business realm, addressing critical factors such as attire, stigma, cost, time, and skill. Led by Stephanie D'Angelo, founder of HerClub and a passionate advocate for gender equity, this collaborative event aims to equip NextUp attendees with the mindset and tools necessary to excel in their professional endeavors. With HerClub's vision, golf transcends being merely a sport; it becomes a pivotal professional development skill for women. Don't miss this opportunity to engage in an experience that bridges the gap between golf proficiency and corporate success. Let's join forces to pave the way for increased recognition, promotion, and equitable compensation for women in the professional landscape.

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