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Episode 53

The Waymakers

This week on Advancing ALL Women, we’re featuring friend of NextUp Tara Jaye Frank, and discussing her incredible book, ‘The Waymakers!’ Tara and Daryl Travis, Founder and CEO, Brandtrust, will talk to Sarah about their shared story, including the research they conducted together into the realities of DEI&B at work.

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Tara Jaye Frank

Author, The Waymakers

TJF Career Modeling LLC is a leadership development consultancy offering customized executive education, speaking, and leadership development training. Its founder and CEO, Tara Jaye Frank, is an equity strategist who has advised and educated thousands of Fortune 500 executives across multiple industries and large member organizations. Her work, fueled by a deep belief in the creative power and potential of every one, focuses on building bridges between people, ideas, and opportunity.

Before founding her culture and leadership consultancy, Frank spent twenty-one years at Hallmark Cards, where she served in multiple executive roles, including Vice President of Creative Writing and Editorial, Vice President of Business Innovation, Vice President of Multicultural Strategy, and Corporate Culture Advisor to the President.

Her new book The Waymakers: Clearing the Path to Workplace Equity with Competence and Confidence, is an invitation to all people with power and position to open doors, remove barriers, and facilitate access and opportunity for those who have been historically denied. Available now through these online retailers and wherever most books are sold: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and GoodReads.

Tara Jaye Frank resides in Dallas, Texas, with her family. She is also a proud Spelman Alumna, a member of the Executive Leadership Council, the Network of Executive Women, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and was recently named a 2022 SUCCESS 125 honoree by SUCCESS Magazine and is listed among CORE Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Blacks in 2022.

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Daryl Travis

Founder and CEO, Brandtrust

Throughout his extensive career, Daryl has advised many of the largest and best brands in the world. His latest groundbreaking book, Little Things Big Returns, explores what really motivates people and how to deliver experiences that matter most to your customers.

A colorful and engaging storyteller, Daryl speaks frequently on the power of insights and the critical need for marketers to change the way they think about how people think. He explains how research can lead us astray or help us to gain a competitive edge. “Most research discloses what happens,” he says. “However, it often fails to reveal why it happens or the underlying emotional drivers that are critical in creating an effective strategy.” Daryl’s guiding mantra is The NINA Principle®:—No Insight—No Advantage®.

He could be described as a professor, detective, journalist, anthropologist and writer all rolled into one. Passionate about learning and understanding more about how people think, Daryl is always reading a new book—more than one hundred each year. His voracious reading helps leverage recent breakthroughs in the social sciences to improve the process of understanding customer motivations, tapping into the deeper underlying emotions and nonconscious mindsets critical to revealing what makes customers tick.

Daryl and his wife Donnita extend his continuous learning passion as active members of Chicago’s philanthropic community, volunteering time and resources to support education and literacy programs for underprivileged children throughout the city.

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